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Latest GST Ready Reckoner by CA Raman Singla

“No matter how much falls on Us, we keep plowing ahead. That’s the only way to keep the road clear.”

GST law is technology driven, highly comprehensive, multi- stage, destination- based tax system and is levied on every value addition. The GST implementation brings numerous advantages to India,however, it brings along certain challenges related to understanding and implementation. The time demands for more responsive, crisp and solution-oriented approach in our work domains.

We are pleased to introduce a short, crisp and problem-solving addition of our GST Book titled “GST Ready Reckoner”. This new version would not only facilitate the apparent needs but also addresses the inherent challenges and complexity of this law in the most simplified manner for its users.

Price of the Book
Book MRP = 1,995/- Book can be Purchased Online with free delivery across India.
Special 20% discount with free delivery for a limited period. Discount code GST20.
Note: The book delivery depends on the location of delivery. Normally it takes 3 to 7 days.

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Contents of GST Ready Reckoner Book

This GST Ready Reckoner is a masterpiece written by CA Raman Singla to simplify the most complex tax structure of the world to assist GST Professionals, Businessmen, Tax Payers and Other Stakeholders connected and impacted with GST Law enabling them to maintain a compliant and hassle- free tax structure. Considering the need to address the notices of GST department connected to audit and assessment matters,we have covered in detail, the most sought-after topic ‘GST Audit and Health Check-Up Techniques’ as a bonus to the readers.

The GST Ready Reckoner is unique with its design, depth and delivery and works as a self- help book on the subject. It is written in a language which is simple, understandable and addresses complex issues of the law with great ease and comfort. The systematic analysis of bare provisions of the law would not only meet the requirement of GST Professionals but would give them deeper understanding and clarity on the subject.

The present edition of the book is thoroughly revised and has incorporated many new features to provide its readers a comprehensive analysis of laws, amendments, notifications, circulars, press releases, case laws and related FAQ’s to facilitate complete grip over the subject.In order to enhance the user reading experience, the “GST Ready Reckoner” is divided into Six partsand runs into 1200+ pages.

Part 1 – Law and Practices

  • Chapter 1 Introduction to Goods & Services Tax (GST)
  • Chapter 2 Definitions
  • Chapter 3 Chargeability for GST
  • Chapter 4 Meaning of Supply
  • Chapter 5 Classification under GST
  • Chapter 6 Composition Scheme
  • Chapter 7 Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Chapter 8 Time of Supply
  • Chapter 9 Place of Supply
  • Chapter 10 Valuation Mechanism
  • Chapter 11 Input Tax Credit Mechanism
  • Chapter 12 GST Rates for Goods and Services
  • Chapter 13 GST Exemptions on Goods and Services

Part 2– Procedure and Compliances

  • Chapter 14 Registration under GST
  • Chapter 15 Payment Mechanism
  • Chapter 16 Returns under GST
  • Chapter 17 Refund under GST
  • Chapter 18 Export & Import of Goods & Services
  • Chapter 19 Accounts and Records under GST
  • Chapter 20 Accounting Treatment
  • Chapter 21 Invoices
  • Chapter 22 TDS & TCS
  • Chapter 23 Job Work
  • Chapter 24 GST Practitioners
  • Chapter 25 Transitional Provisions
  • Chapter 26 Electronic Way Bill
  • Chapter 27 GST Annual Return

Part 3– Assessments and Appeal

  • Chapter 28 Anti-Profiteering Measure
  • Chapter 29 Interest, Penalty & Confiscation
  • Chapter 30 Assessment, Demand & Recovery
  • Chapter 31 Inspection, Search & Seizure
  • Chapter 32 Arrest & Prosecution
  • Chapter 33 Appeal and Revision
  • Chapter 34 Advance Ruling

Part 4– GST Audit and Health Check-Up Techniques

  • Chapter 35 GST Audit and Health Check-Up Techniques

Part 5– Sector Specific Analysis

  • Chapter 36 Health Care Sector
  • Chapter 37 Real Estate Sector
  • Chapter 38 Hospitality Sector
  • Chapter 39 Electronic Commerce
  • Chapter 40 Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval (OIDAR) Services
  • Chapter 41 Information Technology (IT) Sector
  • Chapter 42 Banking and Financial Services
  • Chapter 43 Education Sector
  • Chapter 44 Agriculture Sector
  • Chapter 45 GST on Co-operative Housing Society
  • Chapter 46 GST on Works Contract
  • Chapter 47 Automobile Sector
  • Chapter 48 Textile Sector
  • Chapter 49 Transportation & Logistics Sector
  • Chapter 50 GST on Goods Transport Agency
  • Chapter 51 Charitable and Religious Trust

Part 6– GST Complete Acts and Rules (Updated up to date)

  • Chapter 52 The Constitution (101st Amendment) Act, 2016
  • Chapter 53 Central Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017
  • Chapter 54 Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017
  • Chapter 55 Central Goods and Services Tax Rules, 2017
  • Chapter 56 Integrated Goods and Services Tax Rules, 2017

Price of the Book

Book MRP = 1,995/-. Book can be Purchased Online with free delivery across India.
Special 20% discount with free delivery for a limited period. Discount code GST20.

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About The Author

CA Raman Singla is an exemplary Chartered Accountant, a Law Graduate and a first-class Commerce Graduate from University of Delhi, practicing in the domain of Indirect Taxation and GST. He carries commendable knowledge with a proven track record in handling the most complex matters related to Indirect Tax and GST for various national and global clients including PSUs.

He is an eminent speaker on his subject at various seminars, workshops and training programs organized at PAN India by The Institute of Cost Accountants of India, leading PSU’s, Corporates etc. His conceptual and deeper understanding on the subject has resulted in his nomination as a Special Auditor to the Government on Service Tax matters.

He has taken numerous initiatives to simplify GST Law through various online and offline initiatives viz. Books, Digital Learning modules etc. These are made available through platforms like TaxGuru Edu and GST Professionals. His books with the titles ‘Complete Analysis on GST’ and ‘Simplified Approach to GST’ are highly acknowledged and appreciated by fellow GST Professionals, clients and other users.

His deeper understanding, clarity and simplified presentation on complex issues is highly acknowledged in the taxation fraternity. His areas of expertise include GST Advisory & Consulting, GST Health Check-Up & Review and Departmental Audits & Investigations. He is regarded as the first choice among various clients of national repute.

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