GST Return and types of GST Returns

types of gst returns

GST Returns – A quick look

Businesses that are registered under the Goods and Services Tax need to file their GST returns monthly, quarterly as well as on a yearly basis depending on the business category as per the Indian Government’s GST portal. Businesses need to intimate the details like sales and purchase of goods& Services, together with tax collected thereupon and paid subsequently.

Implementation of such a wide-ranging system like Goods and Services Tax Network would ensure that the services related to the taxpayers like returns, registration, and compliance are straightforward and transparent.

Individual taxpayers would be utilizing various forms for the purpose of filing the GST returns which include the return for purchases, return for supplies in the form of monthly returns, and a yearly return. Taxpayers, generally the small taxpayers opting for the composition scheme are required to file quarterly returns. All of the GST returns have to be done via online mode.

What is GST Return?

A Goods and Services Tax return refers to a document which contains details of all the income, sales, expense, purchase which the taxpayer needs to be required to furnish with the GST administrative authorities. The returns are used by the tax authorities to ascertain the net tax liability.

Who should file GST Returns?

In the Goods and Services Tax regime, any regular registered person needs to file 2 monthly returns and 1 yearly return. In a nutshell, the number of returns for a normal business amounts to 25 in a year.

There are separate returns required to be filed by special cases such as composition dealers whose number of GSTR filings is 5 in a year.

Types of GST Returns

There are several types of GST returns that need to be furnished either monthly, quarterly, or annually. Below is a snapshot of the GST returns which a registered taxable person has to file.

GST Return Who needs to file Frequency
GSTR-1 A registered taxable supplier needs to file the details of all the outward supplies of his taxable goods as well as the services as effected. Monthly
  GSTR-2 A registered taxable recipient needs to file the details of all the inward supplies of his taxable goods as well services for claiming the input tax credit.(As of now this return is not activated on the GST Portal) Monthly
GSTR-3B A registered taxable person needs to file a monthly return based on the finalization of the details of his outward supplies and his inward supplies together with the paid tax amount. Monthly
GSTR-4 This return needs to be filed by the Composition supplier and he should furnish this return on a quarterly basis Quarterly
GSTR-5 This return needs to be furnished monthly by the non-resident taxable person. Monthly
GSTR-6 This is a monthly return and it needs to be filed by the input service distributor. Monthly
GSTR-7 This return to be filed by the persons who is required to deduct TDS(Tax Deduction at Source). Monthly
GSTR-8 An e-commerce operator as we as a tax collector needs to file the details of supplies affected on a monthly basis along with the amount of tax collected. Monthly
GSTR-9 This is an annual return that needs to be filed by every registered taxable person. Annual
GSTR-10 This return has to be filed by a taxable person who has surrendered his registration or whose registration has been canceled. After the cancelation of the GST registration
GSTR-11 A person having UIN claiming a refund should file details of inward supplies. Monthly


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